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    "You might think that this is quite strange..."

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  • BLIM - ZERO / NO FRILLS - 20th Anniversary Editions

    Original albums 'Zero' & 'No Frills', fully digitally remastered, 2CDs, with 1414 whole seconds of bonus tracks, plus lyrics, photos and general shrink-wrapped havoc. Total running time just shy of 150 minutes.

  • 2 CD Gatefold Double Album
               Available directly from **HERE**
               Available also from : Amazon, Bandcamp, CDbaby, Discogs, Soundawesome (note that these distributors may be to susceptible to availability issues/delays and extra charges).

  • Digital Download (without the gatefold, artwork, lyrics, photos etc.)
               Available from : iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDbaby and elsewhere.

  • Preview clips are available at iTunes (~1min30sec previews when viewed directly in iTunes), Amazon, Bandcamp (whole tracks can be previewed) and CDbaby.

    The ZERO band
  • Andy Read - Guitars
  • Ben 'BJ' Gardiner - Bass
  • Neil Spragg (Sir Real) - Drums, Voice
  • Tony Child (Surgeon) - Wibbles, Tapes, FX, Samples           
  • Phil Cook - Saxophone, Voice
  • Nigel Pugh - Flute, Keyboards
  • The NO FRILLS band
  • Andy Read - Guitars, Vocals
  • Robert Illesh - Bass, Vocals, Mandolin, Keyboards
  • Neil Spragg (Sir Real) - Drums
  • Tony Child (Surgeon) - Tapes, Wibbles, FX, Samples, Keyboards
  • Many thanks also to Ade Schofield, Kristian 'Moom', Pete Moltesen, Andy Killeen and Steve Morritzi for various cosmic contributions over the years...

  • Aural Innovations
  • Sea of Tranquility
  • Psychotropic Zone
  • Dutch Progressive Rock
  • Progplanet
  • Expose
  • Unencumbered Music Reviews
  • Babyblaue Seiten (in German)
  • Background Magazine
  • Amazon

  • (... and of original 1992/1993 albums )
  • Adrift in the Ether
  • CD Reissue Wish List
  • Crohinga Well (#6)

  • Selected Radioplay (2013-)
  • "F" Aural Innovations (01/09/13, 0:00-9:26)
  • "Synchromesh" Astral Visions (10/09/13, 21:11-31:01)

    Live Videos (1992-1994, of questionable quality), plus some selected tracks from the original (1992/1993) recordings

  • 'Echo-Logical' live at the Hummingbird,
    Birmingham UK, 1992. The ZERO band.

  • 'Junk' from NO FRILLS.

  • 'Little One/Big One' live at the
    Hummingbird, Birmingham UK, 1992.
    The ZERO band.

  • '????' from ZERO.

  • 'Wet Potato' from NO FRILLS.

  • 'F' from ZERO.

  • 'Derangement' live at the Hummingbird,
    Birmingham UK, 1992. The ZERO band.

  • 'Ocean' from NO FRILLS.

  • 'The Noup' live at the Jug of Ale, Birmingham
    UK, 1994. A post-NO FRILLS band (with BJ
    guesting on bass, after half an hour's practise).

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